Do you want to become a taxi driver in space?
Move interplanetary space alien with a new generation of taxis.
Alien planet in which passengers from the taxi rank in the direction they received a proper way taxi veiste crawl.
Call customer not idle.
carrying more passengers and earn money too.
You can add new features taxi-developing with the money you earn.
things you need to watch the game

Taxi strike somewhere
Make sure you use for landing flying taxi
Do not let the end of the fuel
Check Time

They are masters of a cab driver if you do, you can be successful.
It’s difficult for you to use in the space of taxis
Show your taxi craft to space…
What about the use of space taxis
They dont look like the real taxi, because in space are.
When using a taxi, you should use the shock somewhere.
Remember to keep the fuel tank full
You taxies , forbidden to touch the robots
There are different rules in space

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