During the war, equipped with special weapons hidden enemy soldiers in war operations, our best soldier in our army
and our best weapons were seized.
The most successful team of undercover soldiers in our army, to take revenge after the defeat in this war, our troops and our weapons back
They want to get

Enemy soldiers have successfully completed the special assault team training in the use of weapons and especially with the best talent in the use of sniper weapon
Because it is so successful, this brave soldiers of our army, you need your support to save the country and weapons


Best first person controller (FPS) system
8 different weapons options (you do not need weapons system purchase)
Target enemy soldiers in the number specified in the game, pistol, rifle, shotgun, sniper, you must kill your or knife
More of the enemy soldiers approaching, skillful in the use of sniper weapons, especially weapons
The enemy soldiers with sniper weapon or shotgun shot in the head can kill you faster


– Military commando knife
– Specially trained soldiers secret gun
– 3 different series rifle shooting
– 2 Ammunition for shotgun
– Sniper weapon with the best binoculars

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